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WHO we are?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced stock market trader, our website stockpriceguru.com is the go-to destination for analysis and insights on Indian share market. With a focus on share price targets, we provide actionable insights that can help you to stay one step ahead.

As a passionate investors myself, I have been in the stock market for around 5 years and experienced the ups and downs in market. Whether you are investor or trader you should be well aware about challenges and opportunities of the Indian share market.

We are on the mission on encourage peoples and literate about Stock Market, we have our training institute as “STOCKGURU” in Ichalkaranji, a city based in Maharashtra, India which is also known as Manchester of Maharashtra.

We are helping peoples for providing many financial services:

  • Training program for stock market enthusiastic to help and guide to start their journey in stock market
  • Mutual fund services to help people to grow their money with proper investments
  • Insurance services to make people cover their life from all the insecurities in world
  • We are official partner of Nirmal Bang securities Pvt. Ltd. Providing Demat/Trading account opening services and support

At this point you may find our insights beneficial as they are based on real-world experience, and we’re committed to sharing our knowledge with our readers.

Our articles provide valuable insights not only into stock prices but also about the company and its financial trends, with a focus on identifying share price targets for our readers. By following our analysis, investors can make more informed decisions and achieve their investment goals.

HOW I do it?

Predicting the future stock prices can be a very challenging task if you don’t have a proper knowledge about the stock market and best strategies. There are some strategies and methods that you can use to help you make more informed predictions. Here are some unique and simple strategies you can use to predict future stock prices:

  • Technical Analysis: This involves analyzing past stock price and volume data to identify trends and patterns. Technical analysts use charts and other tools to identify support and resistance levels, trend lines, and other indicators that can help them predict future price movements.
  • Fundamental Analysis: This involves analyzing a company’s financial statements, earnings reports, and other data to assess its financial health and future growth prospects. Fundamental analysts look at factors such as revenue growth, earnings per share, and market share to predict future stock prices.
  • News and Events Analysis: Keeping up with news and events related to a company or the broader market can provide valuable insights into future stock price movements. For example, news of a major acquisition or regulatory change can impact a company’s stock price in the short-term.

When predicting future stock prices, it’s important to remember that no strategy is foolproof. Market conditions and other unpredictable events can impact stock prices in unexpected ways. However, by combining multiple strategies and staying up-to-date on market news and trends, you can increase your chances of making more accurate predictions.

And last but not the least “WHY”?

When compared to other developed countries the percentage of peoples investing in stock market is very low in case of India. Even though stock market has the greatest of opportunities to compounding you money if you trade or invest with proper knowledge.

By covering one company in single article as a case study we would expect the readers will have 360 degree information about the company as well as its stock. And they can easily make the decisions regarding investments.

So our aim is to make people knowledgeable about share market so they can make the best of its use and get better returns.

Happy Investing !!!


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