FCS Software share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030: Growth Prospects and Investment Strategies

FCS Software share price target

FCS Software share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 | what to Expect in future for FCS software share price? FCS software fundamentals analysis and growth prospects reveal long-term investment opportunities.

FCS Software share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Brief overview of FCS Software solutions Ltd:

FCS Software Solutions Limited is Indian based software Development Company which provides IT and IT enabled services. Company mainly provides services of Application development and maintenance, eLearning and Digital Content Management, Software testing, Infrastructure management services, Product Development.

FCS software is primarily focusing on innovations and developments of several proprietary software products such as HRMS, CRM, and healthcare management systems.

FCS software visionary projects are development of data centers, e-commerce portals, packaged application support, FPGA based accelerated computing environments, IT Separation projects, and along with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The company has a global presence with offices in India, the United States, and Europe, and serves clients across the world. It has Center of Excellence for Application and Learning Solutions, Global Development Centers, and for technology it has partnership with various tech giants like Microsoft, HP, Oracle, IBM

FCS Software Stock performance in past:

FCS Software solution stock has mixed performance over the years, it has got sensitively acted to market conditions, IT industry’s ups and downs, company’s financials and many other external factors.

We can clearly see, FCS software solution share price 2021 and 2022 has seen sharp upward movement as it has been golden era for all tech stocks and Nifty has been primarily driven by the IT sector. And after that it is declined due to global recession and slowdown in market.

Overall, the performance of FCS Software Solutions stock in past years has been volatile, and future performance cannot be predicted with certainty. So always do your own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions into FCS software solutions.

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Factors that have influenced FCS Software share price:

IT industry trend has the major impact on FCS Software share price, For example we can see now India’s IT sector service companies are contributing most of technology drive to world. But if the IT industry is experiencing rapid growth, investors may be more interested in investing in software companies, leading to a rise in demand for FCS Software’s stock.

On the other hand, if the industry is experiencing a downturn, it could lead to a decrease in demand and a drop in the stock price.

FCS software’s innovations and developments kept the company into the race, and ahead of its competitors.

FCS Software solution’s current financial standing:

As per the annual report published by company the results are as below,

Revenue from operations3461.693407.87
Operating profit (EBITDA)654.16-463.18
Other income188.3269.7
Profit before tax39.79-1157.09
Profit after tax-5.23-1232.22
Liabilities and provisions942.11193.67
FCS Software solution’s current financial standing

FCS Software corporate actions:

FCS software bonus history – FCS Software solutions has provided bonus to its investors 1 time since Feb. 26, 2010. FCS Software Solutions last bonus announcement given for ex- date of Feb 26th 2010 in the ratio 1:1

FCS software dividend history – FCS Software Solutions Ltd. has declared 6 dividends between 31st Oct 2005 to3 Sept 2009. And no Dividend is recommended for the current financial year 2021-22.

FCS software chart
FCS software chart

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FCS Software share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030:

Based on the historical data and financial performance we have estimated below FCS Software solution stock forecast prices

Year  First targetSecond target
FCS software share price target 20232.602.95
FCS software share price target 20245.007.50
FCS software share price target 20251012
FCS software share price target 20303540
FCS Software share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

What will be the FCS Software share price target 2025?

Looking at the Industry Trends in which FCS Software operates in can have a significant impact on its share price. And Indian IT sectors performance is way better and government policies and regulations are in the favor of improvement of service sector.

As per analysis and study FCS software share price target 2025 will be first around Rs. 10 and second target will be around Rs. 12.

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FCS Software Share Price Future 2030

IT services sector’s opportunities exist in the areas of consulting services, management services, internet services and application maintenance. The major users of IT services are – Government, Financial services, Retail and distribution and Manufacturing.

FCS collaborate with clients to maintain their IT Applications on Time and Material (T & M) basis or Fixed Price. IT services include client’s server and web based services.

FCS provides application environment based on project needs or will use secure VPN connections to directly log in client servers. So FCS Software share price may reach Rs.35 to Rs.40 by year 2030

Centers of Excellence (COEs) which is set to leverage talent skilled in a set of specific technologies and domains. Agile Digital at scale to build new enterprise-wide capability that delivers new levels of business performance at one end and customer delight at the other.

Lab Model set up for temporary deployment of resources for one time kind of work e.g. Application Testing, Third party Application Audit etc.

AI-powered core which provides foundation of fully-automated processes and systems along with the vital insights to prioritize execution of change.

Risks and challenges:

Major IT companies cliental is in international market and so the payments and transection are bound to happen in dollars. So currency fluctuations and declining interest rates may affect the results of FCS software’s operations.

International market sentiments have impacted mainly to IT sector, we have seen the wars, and pandemics had adverse effects on the businesses of major IT firms.

Increasing incidences of disruptive climate change events such as strategic risks, Physical risks and transitional (market and compliance risk.)


World is now moving towards digitalization and India is the key leader in this drive when it comes to IT sector, so IT companies in India will have very bright future ahead. Considering ups and downs in share market FCS software share price will also have the impacts on it.

At current moment though all IT shares are down and so FCS is also not the showing any upward moments. So we will have to wait for some time to market become stable may be for this year.

But for long term investment purpose we can buy the short quantities in lots and hold till international sentiments become strong and IT will again come in picture. The overview given is solely based on the studies and may be and may not be correct, so invest your money wisely.

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Is FCS software a good buy?

At current moment though all IT shares are down and so FCS is also not the showing any upward moments. So we will have to wait for some time to market become stable may be for this year.

What is the future prediction of Fcssoft?

FCS Software Stock future price predictions will be for year 2023 – Rs.2.60, year 2024 – Rs.5, for year 2025 – Rs.10 and by year 2030 it will reach by Rs.35 to Rs.40

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