IEX Share Price Target 2023 to 2030, 2040, 2050: What’s the Future Hold for IEX Stock?

IEX share price target

IEX Share Price Target 2023 to 2030, 2040, 2050 | Where Will It Be in 2025 and 2030? According to study IEX share price in 2025 will be around Rs.272 and by year 2030 it will reach around Rs.622

IEX Share Price Target 2023 to 2030, 2040, 2050

Business overview of IEX

Indian Energy Exchange limited (IEX) is a leading power trading platform in India. Which provides an electronic marketplace for trading of electricity, renewable energy certificates and energy-saving certificates. Just like stock exchange platform – NSE/BSE, commodity exchange platform – MCX, on IEX enables buyers mainly power generation and distribution companies e.g. NTPC, TATA Power, etc and sellers like the power units to the other DISCOMs or Power Seeking entities to trade in short term contracts to optimize their portfolio to meet demand and supply.

IEX handles more than 90% of the exchange-traded volume in India’s power market. In the global market, Indian Energy Exchange is ranked among the top 5 power exchanges in the world. It has partnership with leading international commodity exchanges and investors. IEX’s robust technology platform and transparent trading system have been widely recognized.

Indian Energy Exchange’s business markets can be distributed as below

Electricity Market

  1. Day Ahead Market
  2. Term Ahead Market (contracts upto 3 months)
  3. Real Time Market
  4. Cross Border Electricity Trade

Green Market

  1. Green Term Ahead Market
  2. Green Day-Ahead Market

Certificate Market

  1. Renewable Energy Certificates
  2. Energy Saving Certificates

IEX Share Price History

Since the listing IEX stock price has been mostly upward trend and the IEX share has shown all time high of Rs.1550 in July 2017 which was the IEX highest share price before split. In October 2018 Company has announced the IEX stock split with split ratio of 10:1

From March 2020, IEX share price has started his upward move and leads the share price to close above Rs.250 till December 2021. Company has announced second stock split in December 2021 with stock split ratio of 3:1

Currently as of June 2023, IEX share price is trading around Rs.122, in last two trading sessions IEX share price has fell around 23% and recorded new 52-week low of Rs.116

Despite the decline in share price IEX remains a profitable company with strong growth potential. Let us start with growth potential which will impact the share price of the IEX.

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IEX Share Price Future Prediction

IEX is Central Electricity Regulatory Commission approved and regulated organization which is in operation since 27th June 2008 and got listed on stock market on October 2017. Based on historical data and growth prospects, our estimated price targets for IEX share price in upcoming years is as below:

Year  First targetSecond target
IEX share price target 2023109150
IEX share price target 2024157204
IEX share price target 2025209272
IEX share price target 2026259284
IEX share price target 2027292336
IEX share price target 2028402488
IEX share price target 2029418576
IEX share price target 2030520622
IEX share price target 204010661308
IEX share price target 205016362007
IEX Share Price Target 2023 to 2030, 2040, 2050
IEX share price target chart
IEX share price target chart

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IEX Share Price Forecast

For any company’s share price growth main key factor is important to consider is the company’s financial performance, because if company’s profit increase its share price will increase. Investors are likely to invest in such companies which are showing consistent profitability.

As per financial results published by IEX for FY-22-23 company’s consolidated net sales for the quarter stands at Rs. 107.03 crore, which is down 4.51% year-on-year (YoY). The company’s consolidated net profit for the quarter stands at Rs. 82.87 crore, down 2.46% YoY.

IEX Share Price Target 2023

IEX sets itself apart from other power exchange platforms in India by offering a transparent, reliable and efficient platform that allows buyers and sellers to trade short term electricity contracts in real time. Indian Energy Exchange has become the premier energy exchange platform in India due to its advanced technology platform it offers real-time trading, price discovery and settlement mechanism.

Our estimated IEX target price 2023 will be, first target is Rs.109 and second target will be around Rs.150

IEX Share Price Target 2024

The expansion of IEX into new markets, IEX is expanding the operations into new markets and focused towards developing new products and services.  In addition to power trading, IEX has also forayed into natural gas trading through its subsidiary IGX. Through its new subsidiary Indian Gas Exchange (IGX) company has started its trading platform for Natural Gas.

As of March 2021, IEX had over 6100 registered participants and market share of 95% in the power exchange segment. Looking at the growth and expansion the IEX share price target 2024 will be around, First target will be Rs.157 and second target will be Rs.204

IEX Share Price Target 2025

Indian Government stands for renewable energy will be very beneficial for IEX in longer term, government is promoting and taking substantial efforts for use of renewable energy that will increase in demand for renewable energy and indirectly the use for IEX’s trading platform will get benefits of it.  

So based on the increasing demand, IEX share price target 2025 will be in the range of Rs.209 to Rs.272.

IEX Share Price Target 2030

Increasing demand of power in India over the past few years, IEX has rapidly growing. The company’s revenue is grown by over 25% CAGR in past few years. And Net profit has grown up by CAGR of 30%. We can see that IEX is profitable company which is earning net profit margin of 25%

Market capitalization of IEX is around Rs.12171.61 crores as of June 2023, and its PE ratio is 41.62 which denotes that stock is expensive. Looking at the fundamentals of company, our estimate for IEX share price target 2030 will be, first target will be Rs.520 and second target will be Rs.622

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Risks and challenges for IEX (Indian Energy Exchange Limited)

IEX’s business is very sensitive to country’s economy growth, India’s power market is cyclical so any slow-down in economy will reduce the electricity and power demand drastically. This will directly have impact on IEX share price.

IEX has a major competition from National Electricity Exchange (NSEL) which has larger market share than IEX, so any negative sentiment about the company will lead to fall in IEX share price.

Is IEX a good buy for long-term?

Yes, IEX share is a good buy for longer terms, as company has a good track record of growth. IEX has been growing steadily since its inception in 2008. In the past five years, the company has generated an average of 15% return on equity

Should I buy IEX share?

The company is profitable and well positioned in market. But the company is new and it has risks from well-established competitors. As per my opinion you should buy IEX share where you can take moderate risks. Still I suggest please consult your financial advisor before the investment.

Is IEX publicly traded?

Yes, IEX started its operations on 27 June 2008 and is publicly traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE).

What is IEX share bonus history?

Indian Energy Exchange Ltd. (IEX) has declared a bonus only one time since it has got listed on stock exchange. Company declared the bonus with 2:1 ratio on 21st October 2021. The record date for the bonus issue is December 6, 2021 and the ex-bonus date is December 3, 2021.

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