Infibeam Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050 | Expected Share Price of Infibeam for year 2023 and 2025 will be, Rs.24 and Rs.35 respectively, and by year 2030 infibeam share target price will may cross Rs.300 milestone.

Infibeam Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

Business Overview

Infibeam Avenues Limited, headquartered at the Gujarat International Finance Tech-City (GIFT) in Gandhinagar, India, is strategically positioned at the heart of India’s flourishing international financial hub. The company has a strong global presence with offices in key locations, including Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and the USA.

This geographical diversity underscores IAL’s commitment to serving a wide and diverse clientele in the Business-to-Business (B2B) sector.

Infibeam Avenues ltd is committed to creating a digital organization capable of scaling and addressing large-scale challenges. Today, it stands as one of India’s leading Digital Payment Solutions (DPS) and Enterprise Software Platform (ESP) providers, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of fintech.

Infibeam Avenues Limited’s journey has been marked by innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Since its inception, the company has ventured into various digital-led businesses, accumulating valuable experience that has allowed it to become a global fintech leader. India’s first publicly-listed fintech company, IAL boasts a commendable track record of profitability and success.

Infibeam Avenues offers services as, Digital Payment Solutions, Enterprise Software Platform, Instant Global Paytech, Avenues Payments & Digital Enablers which full-fills totally futuristic requirements of the human being.  

Infibeam Avenues Financial Trend

The company’s financial performance provides insights into its stability, growth, and potential for future profitability. Below table shows the financial results of the Infibeam Avenues for recent quarters,

Quarter wise results December-23 September-23 June-23 March-23 December-22
Total Income in crores 918.33 792.6 745.18 673.62 428.03
Total Income Growth in % 15.86 6.36 10.62 57.38 -15.98
Total Expenses in crores 861.76 736.83 710 619.1 383.24
Total Expenses Growth in % 16.96 3.78 14.68 61.54 -15.13
EBIT in crores 56.57 55.77 35.18 54.52 44.79
EBIT Growth in % 1.43 58.53 -35.47 21.72 -22.6
PAT (Profit after Tax) in crores 41.44 40.98 26.06 39.3 35.81
PAT Growth in % 1.12 57.25 -33.69 9.75 -12.1
EBIT Margin in % 6.16 7.04 4.72 8.09 10.46
Infibeam Financial Trend

Above trend shows that for recent two quarters company’s income is increased dramatically which a strong point needs to consider before investing in Infibeam Avenues Shares.

Infibeam Avenues Fundamental Analysis

Certainly, we need to study the fundamental analysis of Infibeam Avenues Limited before evaluating its financial health and investment potential.

  • Market Capitalization – Market Cap of Infibeam Avenues is Rs.10,719 crores
  • PE Ratio – Profit to earnings ratio is 72.53 against the sector PE of 32.46
  • PB Ratio – Price to book ratio is 3.39 against the sector PB of 8.65
  • Company’s has given around 169.69% returns to its investors in last one year, Infibeam share price has suddenly taken upward trend from September till April 2024
  • 52 Week high/Low – 52 Week high Rs.42.50 and 52 Week low of Infibeam is Rs.13.25

infibeam share price target chart

infibeam share price target chart

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Infibeam Share Price Prediction

Infibeam Avenues Limited’s stock performance reflects its consistent growth and financial stability. As India’s first publicly-listed fintech company, it has consistently delivered profits and has become an attractive investment option for those looking to capitalize on the fintech boom.

Year First Target Second Target
Infibeam Share Price Target 2024 33 45
Infibeam Share Price Target 2025 49 55
Infibeam Share Price Target 2030 270 300
Infibeam Share Price Target 2040 598 641
Infibeam Share Price Target 2050 938 1096
Infibeam Share Price Prediction

Now, we will go through the growth potential of Infibeam which will have direct impact on Infibeam share price in upcoming years.

Infibeam Share Price Target 2024

Infibeam offers a comprehensive suite of fintech solutions, prominently represented by its digital payment platform, CCAvenue. CCAvenue encompasses a range of services:

  • CCAvenue Payment Acquiring: This includes Payment Gateway Services, B2B solutions, and White Label services, making it easier for businesses to accept digital payments seamlessly.
  • CCAvenue Payment Issuance: IAL provides solutions such as Express Settlements, Corporate Prepaid Cards, Corporate Credit Cards, and lending services, empowering businesses with the means to manage their finances effectively.
  • CCAvenue Neo Banking: This service offers digital banking solutions tailored to the needs of corporates and SMEs, further enhancing financial inclusivity.

This demanding solution in the market will definitely drives more and more business towards company and so that Infibeam Share Price for year 2024 will close in between Rs.33 to Rs.45

Infibeam Share Price Target 2025

Under the brand name “BuildaBazaar,” Infibeam Avenues Limited offers an Enterprise Software Platform that serves various industries:

  • Enterprise Marketplace Platforms: These platforms offer customized eCommerce solutions capable of handling large volumes of sales, meeting the diverse needs of businesses.
  • Bill Payments Platform: As an RBI licensed single-window bill payments platform (BBPS), IAL simplifies bill payments, ensuring convenience for consumers and businesses alike.
  • Hospitality Platform: This integrated platform provides a seamless payment solution for the hotel industry, streamlining operations and enhancing guest experiences.

So our share price target of Infibeam Avenues for year 2025 will be, first target is Rs.49 and second Target will be around Rs.55

Infibeam Share Price Target 2030

IAL’s Instant Global Paytech solutions cover a wide range of services, including Domestic Money Transfer (DMT), Aadhaar-Enabled Payment System (AEPS), Bill Payments, Recharges, Travel, Insurance, and Cash Collection.

Looking at the digitization happening in banking and finance sector this business will have more promising position in the market and it will indirectly drive the company’s profitability and so share price. As per our study Infibeam Share Price Target for year 2030 will be in between Rs.270 to Rs.300

Infibeam Share Price Target 2040

This division offers world-class money transfer software, catering to the needs of banks and other business entities, facilitating efficient and secure transactions.

IAL goes beyond payments, offering value-added services such as data center solutions, digital marketing, and domain registry services, ensuring comprehensive support to its clients. These fast moving and sudden growth of the company will may cross the Rs.598 target by year 2040


In conclusion, Infibeam Avenues Limited has not only established itself as a pioneer in the fintech industry but also positioned itself as a key player in shaping the future of digital payments and enterprise software. As the world becomes increasingly digital, Infibeam’s focus on innovation and customer satisfaction bodes well for its future success.

Still we recommend to take advice from your financial advisor before making any investment decision to avoid and manage the risks involved.

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Is infibeam avenues a good stock to buy?

As on 5th Oct 2023, Infibeam share price surged more than 13% in single day because the company’s business mode and structure is very futuristic so for longer term Infibeam Avenues will be a good stock to buy.

Will infibeam share price increase?

Looking at the financial trend and company’s fundamentals our share price targets are self-explanatory, so yes the share price will increase.