Motherson Sumi Share Price Target: 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030

Motherson Sumi Share Price Target

Motherson Sumi share price target 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030 | what investors need to know? In depth analysis of motherson sumi share price target forecasts, by 2023 it will be Rs.84 to Rs.98 and by year 2025 it will reach around Rs.178 to Rs.208 The study helps you to understand whether this company is good for investment or not.

Motherson Sumi Wiring Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030

Brief overview of Motherson sumi:

Motherson sumi is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing manufacturers of components of automotive industry. The company’s name itself signifies a relationship of deep trust that mother and child.

The company was founded in 1986 and headquartered in Mumbai, India, it’s a joint venture between Samvardhana Motherson Group (SMG) and Sumitomo Wiring Systems of Japan. Today, Motherson Sumi has a global presence with over 270 facilities across 41 countries.

Motherson Sumi primarily involved in manufacturing of wiring harnesses, rearview mirrors, and electrical components with 70 factories around the globe. Also they have one of their largest production center at Maxico for assembling of high quality automotive parts for international car makers.

The company has acquired many other players in market like Visiocorp – one of the world’s largest rearview mirror makers. Acquisition of PKC Group, a Finland based wiring harness manufacturer. In 2018, the company also acquired Reydel Automotive, a leading supplier of interior components, to strengthen its position in the automotive interiors market.

Overall, Motherson Sumi has established itself as a global leader in the automotive components industry, with a strong focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainability.

Overview of Motherson Sumi’s stock performance from 2016-2022:

Motherson Sumi’s stock performance has been volatile over the past six years, with a mix of highs and lows. Motherson Sumi share price 2016 was Rs. 66.85 to Rs. 82.14 then further it went up slowly and we can see the spike in stock price due to good business of auto sector. Motherson sumi share price 2017 year was around Rs. 83.59 and till the end of year it reached to Rs. 143.28.

But in 2018, stock price started to decline due to concerns about global trade environment and the impacts of tariffs on the automobile industry. So Motherson Sumi share price 2018 was opened Rs. 138.19 and it falls to Rs. 94.61 till the end of the year.

In 2019, stock shown some recovery so Motherson sumi share price 2019 was recovered from Rs.79.49 to Rs. 83.25.

Motherson sumi share price 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic hits the all sectors including automotive industry, so again stock price of motherson sumi fell down to Rs. 59.52 before recovery of around Rs. 93.73 till the end of the year.

Then 2021, share price recovered further Rs. 82.21 to Rs. Rs. 126.87 and then it started to decline 2022. Mothersone sumi share price 2022 opened to Rs. 119.63 and fell to Rs.74.15 till the end of the year.

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Factors that have influenced Motherson Sumi share price in the past:

Mainly Global automotive industry trends has driven the share price of the Motherson sumi as they are the major suppliers of automotive components to leading automobile manufacturers. So the changes of customer demands of automobiles, any introduction of new regulations and policies regarding vehicles purchase has impacted the Motherson sumi share price in past.

Motherson Sumi has done the acquisition and mergers with Visiocorp, PKC group and Reydel Automotive had a significant impacts on the share price.

Automobile industry is sensitive to macroeconomic factors such as interest rates, inflation and currency exchange rates. So any changes in the above factors affected the company’s profitability and future prospects, leading to changes in the share price.

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Motherson Sumi’s current financial standing:

Results (continuing operations)FY 2020-21(INR in Million)FY 2021-22(INR in Million)% Change
Total revenue from contract with customers36,35352,97045.7%
Cost of goods sold21,84533,92755.3%
Employee cost5,0256,07720.9%
Other expenses5,4157,42637.1%
Finance costs8971,41157.3%
Depreciation and amortization expense1,9832,0423.0%
Profit before tax from continuing operations2,4329,198278.2%
PAT (concern share)1,9417,996312.0%
Earnings per share 0.61 2.29275.4%
Motherson Sumi’s current financial standing(As per the annual report published on official website)

What will be Motherson sumi wiring share price target by 2025?

Motherson Sumi’s financial standing has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as by global trade tensions and regulatory changes in the automotive industry. However, we can see the significant growth in the company’s financial performance.

The company has a strong track record of innovation and growth, and its financial performance is expected to improve as the global automotive industry recovers from the pandemic. So by 2025, Motherson sumi wiring share price will reach Rs.178 to Rs.208


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Motherson Sumi share price target 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030:

Year  First targetSecond target
Motherson Sumi share price target 20238498
Motherson Sumi share price target 2024118142
Motherson Sumi share price target 2025178208
Motherson Sumi share price target 2030402475
Motherson Sumi share price target 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030

Motherson Sumi’s growth prospects:

Mothersone Sumi is into the business where growth potential is very high, right now EV (Electrical vehicle) demands have been increased so the demand increase in auto sector will results into the growth of the company’s business.

What will be Motherson sumi share price target by 2030?

Company is expanding its geographic presence through acquisition and partnerships in key markets such as Europe, North America and Asia. Motherson Sumi’s this strategy has opened the new markets and diversified the revenue growth as well.

And till date company has good track record of successful acquisitions of companies and using their capabilities to expand the business. So ultimately this will affect the Motherson Sumi share price targets as well, our estimate for year 2030 will be in the range of Rs.402 to Rs.475

As the world is moving more towards sustainability, looking at this mothorson sumi is also focusing on various ways to reduce its environmental impact. They are setting the ambitious goal of becoming Carbon Net Zero across our current global operations by 2040.

Motherson Sumi is focusing on innovation and technology, they are investing in research and development to develop new products and solutions. Motherson Sumi’s advanced capabilities in areas such as electrification, autonomous driving, and light weighting are expected to drive growth in the future.

Conclusion for Motherson sumi share price target:

As a one of the major supplier of the components of auto sector no doubt company has a very good business potential, very strong market presence and customer lists. Also company’s financial standing and fundamentals are strong enough to show the company’s bright future.

Along with that companies new innovations and technology, acquisition of other market players, business initiatives in electric sector to cover up the demand of EV’s will indicate high probability of the business growth.

Still we have to take into consideration that motherson sumi share price target affected by multiple factors such as market trends, company’s financial performance, global economic conditions, and political events. It is important to conduct thorough research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Based on the information above Motherson Sumi share price targets we have give as per our best study, please invest your valuable money with the proper knowledge and research and consultation with your financial advisors.

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What is the target price of Motherson Sumi in 2030?

Target price for Motherson Sumi in 2030 will be, first target Rs.402 and second target will be Rs.475

What is the share price target for Motherson Sumi in 2023?

Share price target for Motherson Sumi in 2023 will be, first target is Rs.84 and second will be Rs.98

What will be the share price of Motherson Sumi Wiring India in 2025?

Share price target for Motherson Sumi in 2025 will be, first target is Rs.178 and second will be Rs.208

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