Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2024 to 2030 | Updated

Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2024 to 2030

Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2024 to 2030 | The Share price of Largest exporter of Gold in India, Rajesh Exports Ltd is expected to cross Rs.500 by year 2025 and by year 2024 the target price is Rs.298

Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2024 to 2030

Rajesh Exports Limited: Business Overview

Rajesh Exports Limited is a global leader in the Gold business, which is founded in 1989 & The Company is headquartered in Bangalore, India, but its operations span the entire world. Company has developed its unique position in the entire value chain of Gold – from refining to retailing. It processes a staggering 35% of the world’s gold production and is the largest exporter of gold products from India.

Rajesh Exports is the lowest-cost gold jewelry producer globally but it also has been committed to excellence. Also the company has the best combination of world-class manufacturing and R&D facilities, with its primary refining facility located in Balerna, Switzerland. This extensive network covers to the entire Indian subcontinent along with major gold markets worldwide.

REL’s key strength is that the company possesses one of the world’s largest active jewelry design databases, featuring an impressive 29,000 designs. Being the largest processor of gold globally, REL has created its position as the most integrated jewelry entity, with a presence across the gold value chain, from mining to retailing.

REL’s several important achievements include that company has one of the most advanced R&D facilities in gold refining, bar making, and jewelry production. It also launched a gold revolution through its retail chain stores, Shubh Jewellers, becoming a household name in Karnataka.

Rajesh Exports has invented and own the alloying technology developed for gold alloying for the manufacturing purpose of its products. Rajesh Export own the most trustworthy brand in gold bars – Valcambi which is accredited by LBMA. Every gold trading exchanges of the world and all bullion banks of the world are accepts gold bars produced by Valacambi.

Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2024

With the strong business portfolio of the company we need to study the financials of the company to predict the future share prices of the company.

Quarter wise resultsDec-23Sept-23June-23March-23Dec-22
Total Income in crores65,488.9338,079.4385,700.671,15,469.1494,475.29
Total Income Growth in %-71.98-55.57-25.7822.2217.70
Total Expenses in crores65,476.2638,026.4685,385.571,15,092.1594,052.14
Total Expenses Growth in %72.19-55.47-25.8122.3717.75
EBIT in crores12.6752.97315.10376.99423.14
EBIT Growth in %-76.08-83.19-16.42-10.917.17
PAT (Profit after Tax) in crores12.4345.3309.36366.02421.56
PAT Growth in %-72.58-85.35-15.48-13.1813.03
EBIT Margin in %
Net Profit Margin in %
Basic Earnings per share0.421.5310.4812.4014.28
Rajesh Exports Financial Trend

As table Shows Company’s financial performance was very great until March-23, but since then Rasia-Ukrain war and now Israel-palestine wars affecting the gold exports so company’s income has declined suddenly. If these conflicts get resolved on time the demand of gold will regularize the company’s performance will get stable again.

Considering the current scenario Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2024 will be in between Rs.250 to Rs.298

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Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2025

Along with Financial trend analysis we have to study the fundamentals of the company to predict the future price targets for Rajesh Exports Share.

  • Market Capitalization – Market cap of Rajesh Exports is Rs.13,455 crores as of Oct 2023
  • 52Week High & Low – 52Week high is Rs.1029,70 and 52Week low is Rs.444.80, & current share price of Rajesh Exports as of Oct 2023 is Rs.445.60 which is near to its 52Week low, which shows better opportunity for accumulation of the shares for long term benefits.
  • PE (Profit to earnings) Ratio – PE ratio of Rajesh Exports is 9.39 against the sector PE of 65.91
  • PB (Price to Book) Ratio – PB ratio of Rajesh Exports is 1.08 against the sector PB of 6.35
  • Debt to equity ratio – Rajesh Exports debt to equity ratio as of Oct 2023 is 0.13

After studying fundamentals our estimates for Rajesh Exports share price targets for year 2025 will be, first target will be Rs.302 and second target will be around Rs.332

Rajesh Exports Share Price Target chart
Rajesh Exports Share Price Target chart

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Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2026

Company’s Refining and Alloying infrastructure is one of the best capacity available with any other peers. Below are key highlights of the Refining and Alloying capacity of the Rajesh exports Limited.

  • World’s Largest Gold Refiner – Rajesh Exports Ltd. is the world’s largest gold refiner with the capability to refine more than 2400 tons of precious metals annually.
  • Refining Facilities – REL operates two refining facilities, including Valcambi in Switzerland, the world’s largest refinery, with a capacity to refine 2000 tons of precious metals, and another facility in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, with a capacity to refine 400 tons of precious metals annually.
  • Innovation in Refining – Valcambi, with its history dating back to 1963, has developed highly efficient and refined precious metals refining processes. Notably, Valcambi is the only refinery globally manufacturing gold bars through a 100% robotic process without human intervention. Valcambi is recognized as the world’s leading and most trustworthy brand of refined gold bars. The gold bars produced by Valcambi are London Good Delivery bars, making them acceptable on every gold trading exchange globally and by all bullion banks.
  • World Leader in Gold Refining – REL leads the world in gold refining in terms of capacity, production, acceptability, and brand value.
  • Proprietary Alloying Technology – REL has developed proprietary alloying technology for the manufacturing of gold products, enhancing the quality and uniqueness of its offerings.

These growth prospects will support points to the Rajesh Exports share price, so Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2026 will be in between Rs.328 and Rs.362

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Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2027

REL has one of best manufacturing setup for Gold Jewelry and products manufacturing, below are key points we should note:

  • World’s Largest Manufacturer of Gold Jewelry and Products & Vast range of Designs
  • Global Manufacturing Facilities – With primary manufacturing facilities located in Bangalore and Cochin in India, and Dubai in the U.A.E., REL collectively has the capacity to manufacture 350 tons of gold jewelry and gold products annually.
  • Cutting-Edge Manufacturing – The manufacturing facilities are versatile, capable of producing various forms of jewelry, from handmade to machine-made, ensuring exceptional quality. REL is renowned for its advanced technology use, including prototyping and laser technology, maintaining international standards. Each piece of jewelry undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure consistency.

This strength of the company will definitely add to the maximum business and so the profitability of the company in upcoming years. So for year 2027 our share price target for Rajesh Exports share is Rs.365 to Rs.389

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Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2028

The company’s business if mainly contributed by its Exports,

  • Global Exports – company exports gold jewelry and gold products from Switzerland, India, and Dubai, making it the largest exporter of gold products globally on a combined basis. It’s also the largest exporter from Switzerland, India, and the U.A.E.
  • Extensive Reach – REL exports its products to more than 60 countries worldwide, including major gold markets. Gold bars produced by Valcambi are exported to significant bullion banks worldwide. Gold jewelry produced by REL is exported to white-label manufacturers and wholesalers who supply products to leading jewelry brands globally.
  • Continuous Innovation – The marketing department of REL continually updates its global customers with new designs and products. The company has consistently increased its market share in global gold and gold product exports and actively explores new markets for its products.

As a global leader in export market in gold manufacturing industry Rajesh Export share price by year 2028 will be in between Rs.391 to Rs.418

Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2029

Along with its export business the company’s wholesale supply is also contribute a major chunk to its overall business.

  • Extensive Wholesale Network – REL has established an extensive wholesale network in India and the U.A.E. Its wholesale department directly distributes products to jewelry showrooms.
  • Domestic Distribution Network – REL has built a robust domestic distribution network in India, spanning the entire country, and supplies jewelry to approximately five thousand retail showrooms.
  • Market Monitoring – The demand and supply patterns in showrooms are closely monitored by the marketing division using advanced software. The distribution network collaborates with the product division, providing regular feedback to streamline the existing product range and develop new products based on market demands.

With highly efficient distribution network in wholesale market will drive the business in this segment to the Rajesh Exports so by year 2029 its share price will reach around Rs.421-Rs.450

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Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2030

In India’s one of biggest market i.e. Retail business is the key part of its Brand, with the SHUBH Jewellers company’s journey in India is doing great as compared to its competitors.

  • Retailing through SHUBH Jewellers – REL sells gold and diamond jewelry at retail through its branded retail jewelry chain stores under the brand name of SHUBH Jewellers.
  • Extensive Presence – SHUBH Jewellers has 80 jewelry showrooms across the state of Karnataka, and it has become a household name in the region.
  • Revolutionary Pricing Model – SHUBH Jewellers has brought a retail gold revolution to India with its unique, customer-friendly, and transparent pricing model. It offers practical and advanced jewelry designs suitable for Indian consumers, making it a value-for-money proposition for price-sensitive customers.
  • Unique Mines-to-Consumer Model – SHUBH Jewellers is the only mines-to-consumer gold proposition in the world.

With 80 jewelry showrooms across the country the Rajesh Exports will have a sustainable business in India, so we have estimated the target price of Rajesh Exports share for year 2030 will be Rs.448 to Rs.478

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Rajesh Exports Share Price Target Forecast

YearFirst TargetSecond Target
Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2024250298
Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2025302332
Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2026328362
Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2027365389
Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2028391418
Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2029421450
Rajesh Exports Share Price Target 2030448478
Rajesh Exports Share Price Target Forecast


In conclusion, Rajesh Exports Ltd. is an industry leader with an extensive infrastructure spanning refining, manufacturing, exports, wholesale operations, and retail presence. Its unwavering commitment to research and development positions the company at the forefront of innovation in the gold industry.

Still we recommend to take advice from your financial advisor or do your own study before investing in stock market as it involves risks.

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What is the future prediction of Rajesh Exports stock?

According to our study Rajesh Export share price targets for future is minimum target is Rs.250 and maximum target is Rs.298 for year 2024

Is Rajesh Exports a good investment?

Yes, being a fundamentally strong company it is a good investment for who are looking better returns in longer terms.

Is Rajesh Exports debt free?

Rajesh Exports is into a profitable business and company’s cash flow is healthy as per results published. So we can say that Rajesh Exports is a debt free company.

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