Expert Analysis: Suzlon Share Price Target 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040

Suzlon share price target

Suzlon share price target 2023, 2025, 2030 |is Suzlon Energy Ltd is GOOD stock to BUY? As per our study Suzlon share price in year 2023, 2025 and 2030 will be in the range of Rs.8.26 to Rs.9.4 , Rs.12.65 to Rs.13.71 and Rs.28 to Rs.35.60 respectively.

Suzlon share price target 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040

Overview of Suzlon Energy Limited:

Suzlon Energy Ltd is one the renowned and leading company in Indian renewable energy sector. The company is provides end-to-end wind power solutions and services across India as well as global demands.

Suzlon energy established in 1995 and headquartered in Pune, India. Tulsi R Tanti is the chairman and managing director of the company which leads the company and Vinod R Tanti as a Whole Time Director & COO.

The company manufactures and sells the wind wind turbine generators and related components in India, the United States, Australia, Spain, South Africa, and Turkey. The S82 – 1.50 MW wind turbine and the S52 – 600 kW wind turbine are Suzlons’ two product offering

Suzlon Energy till 2007-08 was strongest player in the renewable energy sector but the acquisition deal of German wind turbine manufacture, RePower for Rs.7300 Crores, pushed the company into huge debt of around Rs.4000 crores.

As per the deal RePower had about 300 Euros of free cash; this was supposed to be used to repay the Indian debt. But, unfortunately the German banks, citing some rule, refused to take money outside the country. So company faced huge problems of cash flow and that affected the profitability and business of the Suzlon Energy. 

Along with this it also engaged in solar power and electricity generation activities, the selling of foundry and forging components, and the sale/sub-lease of land or properties.

Key takeaways

  • Suzlon Energy Ltd is a leading company in the Indian renewable energy sector, providing end-to-end wind power solutions and services.
  • Suzlon Energy shares have increased by 24 percent in the past month, aiding the company’s scrip to post positive returns for 2022.
  • Suzlon energy share price target for 2025 will be in the range of Rs.12.65 to Rs.13.71, and Suzlon energy share price target 2030 will be around Rs.28 to Rs.35.60
  • Expert advice on Suzlon energy suggests, stock is one the low performers which can be considered moderately valued. It is showing good signs of profitability and one can take the entry in current stage as the stock is not in overbought zone.

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Suzlon Energy ltd stock performance:

After the listing Suzlon energy has shown nice upward moment as the company was one of the largest player in green energy market at that time. Suzlon Energy shares have increased by 24 percent in the past month, aiding the company’s scrip to post positive returns for 2022.

Since the 2007 the Suzlon share price has declined significantly and it didn’t shown the much volatility later.

Suzlon Energy fundamentals

  • Market capitalization – as of today May 2023 the market capitalization of Suzlon Enrgy limited is around Rs.9781.39 crores
  • P/E and P/B Ratio – Suzlon energy share P/E ratio is 5.45 and P/B ratio is 3.01
  • Debt to equity Ratio – At current stage the company has negative debt ratio, it is around -1.03 which is negative and needs to take into consideration.

Suzlon Energy current financial standing:

Suzlon energy reported a revenue of Rs.1666.04 crores in March 2022 which is almost doubled than that of the previous quarter. Total operating profit is Rs.17.45 crores and net profit has declined to negative -307.29 crores.

Total Income and loss for the year ending March – 2022 was Rs 6603.97 Cr and Rs -199.59 Cr

Suzlon’s financials analysis indicates that the company has an average balance sheet, with total debt/equity is -1.03. The company has given negative -4.02 percent returns to its investor in last one year.

Suzlon Energy shareholding pattern – promotor holding in the company has not much changed and almost stayed constant.

Suzlon energy share price monthly chart

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Suzlon share price target 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040

Year  First TargetSecond Target
Suzlon share price target 20238.269.4
Suzlon share price target 202512.6513.71
Suzlon share price target 203028.0035.60
Suzlon share price target 204062.0074.00
Suzlon Energy Share price target 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040

Suzlon share price target 2023

Suzlon’s knowledge of designing, building and maintaining the customized wind farms irrespective of the geographic or climatic circumstances is the main key factor for the company’s growth. Company has the potential for more business over the competitors.

With these strong growth prospect company can accomplish the share price targets for year 2023 around Rs.8.26 to Rs.9.40

Suzlon energy share price target 2025

Suzlon is one of a company who can provide integrated solutions and services, all functions—including supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, production, services and replacement parts, technology, R&D, etc

Because of this facility company has the flexibility to enter projects at various phases of completion; as a result, clients are given support to complete their projects in a way that allows them to see a return on their investment.

So the Suzlon share price target 2025 will be as followed, first target will be Rs.12.65 and second target will be Rs.13.71

Suzlon energy share price target 2030

The company has always focused on R&D of Technology and its advancement. Product-driven innovations has always been the first priority for Suzlon. The best example of this is, for the purpose of creating cutting-edge turbine parts, Suzlon has established eight research centers distributed across Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and India.

This proves that advanced procedures that are all implemented globally are immediately adapted and integrated in Suzlon as well. It has enlisted the top brains in wind energy and aviation to gather information and develop its R&D strategy.

This growth focused mindset of Suzlon’s management will assure the share price target 2030 will be around Rs.28 to Rs.35.60

Suzlon share price target 2040

As we can see the increasing demand of clean energy due to global warming issues so it’s the main important factor that would impact on the Suzlon energy limited share price. And the world is now moving towards more sustainability and renewable energy solutions so it is the positive indication for Suzlon Energy share price.

Also the Governments are also promoting and supporting the renewable energy sectors with better policies and incentives to encourage most peoples to use the renewable energy. So ultimately it will going to increase the business of Suzlon energy.

The company’s financial performance, revenue growth, profit margins and debt levels, profitability also contributed it the same. So based on the study we can say that Suzlon energy share price target 2040 will be around Rs.62 to Rs.74

Suzlon share price future prediction

Along with the promising growth prospects, there are also several risks and challenges are involved here in Suzlon’s renewable energy business segment.

Due to increasing demands the competition in the renewable energy sector has been increasing day by day as more and more players are coming into this business. So we can see multiple players in market who are offering similar services and solutions.

Some of government policies and regulatory changes will have adverse impacts also on the Suzlon’s business.

Raw materials costs can give a major impact as the metal materials required for wind energy solutions, solar systems such as steel and coppers are having more fluctuations as compared to their past price fluctuations.

With increasing technological things the company has to stay updated and always look for innovative ways to provide solutions. That means the success of Suzlon Energy hinges on its capacity to create and invent brand-new, more effective wind energy solutions. The operations and profitability of the firm might be affected by technological risks, such as the failure of innovative technology.


To conclude, Suzlon Energy limited is one the leading player in the renewable energy sector, which is provides end to end wind power solution as well as solar system solutions. These are mainly used to create electricity generation activities. Which will have a very bright future in India as a developing country.

Being the fastest growing economy where more and more businesses are interested to for investment so ultimately there will be huge requirement of the energy and electricity to run the businesses. So the demand for clean energy is the positive point we can see to invest in the profitable business.

Suzlon energy is also strong in its balance sheet and has strong cash flow, which allows it to have expansion opportunities. The company has promising growth prospects but we can’t neglect the risk and challenges involved in this business segment.

So be cautious while investing and I can see positional growth for long term investment in Suzlon Energy share price.

What is the expert advice on Suzlon Energy?

Based on the study we have conducted on this company’s track record, company is performing well and have great future growth as renewable energy sector is the future now. So for long run Suzlon share will hit new records considering positive market sentiments and government policies.

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