Titagarh wagons share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030: Next multibagger opportunity?

titagarh wagons share price target

Titagarh wagons share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 | Titagarh wagons has delivered a 850% returns in last 3 years, Discover the potential of this largest Wagons manufacturer and share price targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030. Explore whether this multibagger opportunity in Titagarh Wagons can deliver substantial returns, giving investors a glimpse into the future prospects of this promising company.

Titagarh wagons share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Titagarh Wagons business overview

Titagarh Wagons Limited is one the leading player in the Indian Railway freight car manufacturing industry. The company has diversified its business in recent years by expanding into shipbuilding and defense manufacturing, which offers promising growth prospects.

Titagarh wagons is Kolkata based company established in early 1980s as a Titagarh steels who manufacturer of railways related components like bogies, couplers. And company mainly is catering to Indian Railways. In 1997, the founder JP Chowdhary decided to expand its operations into manufacturing entire freight wagons, setting up Titagarh Wagons with a production capacity of 180 wagons per year.

Titagarh became the first private company who manufactured and supplied the trains for the Indian Railway since the year 2007.

Over the years company Titagarh wagons pursued the organic growth by acquiring the small companies, in 2010 the company acquired French company who are specialized in freight wagons. And 2015, it bought a wagon manufacturer in Rajasthan to increase the capacity to make 2400 units per year.

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Titagarh wagons share price history

The company is listed in August 2008, at the price of Rs.167-168 since then it has shown significant volatility until the year 2023 and it reached at Rs.378 with remarkable performance in recent past. After the listing TITW stock has seen sharp decline till 2013 and shown the all-time low at Rs.13-15 in July 2013.

Since the year 2020, Indian government has launched many ambitious projects to expand railway connectivity, the company has started its growth journey and TITW stock price has surged more than 800% as the stock price reached from Rs.20 to current market price as on June 2023 is Rs.378 which is quite impressive performance any stock has ever shown.

Titagarh wagons share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

According to study of historical data below will be the Titagarh wagons share target

Year  First targetSecond target
Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target 2023388425
Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target 2024357476
Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target 2025412534
Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target 2030669840
Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Titagarh wagons share price forecast

As we have seen the consistent financial growth of Titagarh Wagons has main factor which has contributed the sudden spike in share price.

  • The company has recorded total revenue of Rs.974.22 crores with YOY growth of around 102.57%
  • Net income of Titagarh Wagons has grown up by 293.34% to Rs.48.24 crores
  • Net profit margin was 4.95% which is increased by 195.38% YOY

And the company’s fundamental emerging as a strong and becomes the top performing stocks.

  • Total market capitalization Rs.4519 crores as of June 2023
  • PE ratio of 34.71 and PB ratio is 5.37
Titagarh Wagons share price target chart
Titagarh Wagons share price target chart

Titagarh wagons share price target 2023

The company diversified its business into passenger rail segment with its recent acquisition of Italian rail engineering company Firema Trasporti which has over 100 years of experience in the industry and this acquisition under brand name of Titagarh Firema Adler Spa is anticipated to benefit its business with increased reach, a wider range of products, and new technologies.

The company has successfully completed the projects for for High Speed double-decker, single-decker trains, EMUs, metros, LRTs, DMUs, propulsion systems etc. So Titagarh wagons share price target 2023 will be, first target at around Rs.388 and second target will be around Rs.425

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Titagarh wagons share price target 2024

It secured orders for 102 metro coaches in Pune in 2019, and then it tapped the orders for Bengaluru, Chennai, and Ahmedabad metro capitalizing on the growing demand for metro systems in Indian cities.

Titagarh Wagons also participated in the production of Vande Bharat trains, partnering with BHEL to manufacture 80 trains and potentially more for the government’s railway project. With this ambitious projects the company will may see the target prices for year 2024, first target as Rs.357 and second target as Rs.476

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Titagarh wagons share price target 2025

Going further Titagarh has created its path in engineering services sector that provide end-to-end services to all the manufacturing sectors by successfully executing the maintenance contracts of freight cars. They provide services like, Re-design, Maintenance, Assistance and Global Service, Repair, Inspection and Refurbishing, systems and Electrical Equipment Upgrade, Exteriors and Interiors Face-Lift and Power Upgrading From 3KV DC to 25 KV AC.

Looking at the business projections Titagarh wagons share price target 2025 will be, first target at Rs.412 and second target will be at around Rs.534

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Titagarh wagons share price target 2030

Titagarh didn’t stopped at this stage, they expanded their business into shipbuilding after the merger with the Corporated Shipyard, who has the 25 years of experience of shipbuilding. This company has built more than the 70 ships for various clients.

With this huge capacity in shipbuilding Titagarh now spreading its capabilities into defense manufacturing and become licenced for warship manufacturer by the Government India. So far company has manufactured world class, Oceanographic Research Vessels, Naval Vessels, Passenger Ship, Tugs, and Inland Water Transport Vessels for customers worldwide.

According to our study the share price of titagarh wagons in 2030 will reach around Rs.669 to Rs.840

Titagarh wagons multibagger

India is continuously improving its Rail connectivity, as nowadays connectivity is the main key for growth of any country. This year alone Indian government has spent around Rs.2.4 Lakh corers to modernize the railway connectivity. They have designed the National Rail Plan (NPA) to create future ready railway systems with new technologies in upcoming years.

While increasing the railway lines there will be huge requirements of new railways and that will directly benefits to the largest wagons and rail part manufacturer like Titagarh wagons Ltd. As per some rough estimates there will be huge demand of 30000 wagons annually for next 8 years.

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Is Titagarh wagons a good stock?

Yes, Titagarh wagon is fundamentally good stock and shown consistent financial growth. Still the company is rely on government as the main client is Indian Railway, So risks and challenges of regulatory policies of government should be take into consider before investing.

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