Trident Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030

trident share price target

Trident Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 | is Trident Ltd Multibagger stock or penny stock? Analysis of Trident share price for long term investment, future stock price predictions.

Trident Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030

Brief overview of Trident Limited:

Ludhiana-based Trident Group is one of leading Indian Textile Company. Mr. Rajinder Gupta launched the company in 1990, making it one of the world’s leading terry towel makers and India’s largest yarn spinners.

Trident Group’s businesses include textiles, paper, chemicals, and energy. The company operates factories in Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

Trident Group makes terry towels, bed linen, yarns, and home textiles. The company sells its high-quality items in over 100 countries. Trident Group makes copier, packaging, and specialty papers. Trident Group makes caustic soda, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide for textiles, paper and water treatment.

Trident Group invests in renewable energy. The company owns wind generating projects in numerous Indian states and wants to increase its renewable energy portfolio. Trident Group, a multinational conglomerate with a focus on quality and sustainability, is a major player in various Indian and international industries.

Achievements and awards won by Trident Limited:

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification: Trident Group’s textile division is GOTS-certified for its sustainable and organic textile manufacture.

Greentech Environment Excellence Award: Trident Group received the Greentech Environment Excellence Award for its environmental leadership in paper manufacture.

Gold Award in the Packaging Innovation Category: At the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation, Trident Group was recognized for its creative and sustainable packaging solutions.

FICCI Water Awards: The Company was recognized for its water management and conservation initiatives in its industrial plants.

National Energy Conservation Award: Trident Group’s Barnala facility received the award for energy conservation and efficiency.

Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices Award: At the World CSR Congress, Trident Group was honored for its CSR efforts to improve society.

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Trident Limited Stock performance in past:

Trident Group is listed on NSE and BSE. The Trident share price has fluctuated due to company’s performance, overall demand-supply in Textile industry and market sentiments.

In last few years, Trident share price has shown drastic moments, till 2020 stock price was below Rs. 10 suddenly in June 2020, Trident share price started aggressive upward movement due to increase in demand of bedsheets, hospitality products because of COVID-19 emergency.

From Rs. 4 to Rs. 70 around 1640% hike in just 2 years. Trident share price 2022 January hits all time high of Rs. 70. Then from February, the stock price dropped to roughly Rs. 25 due to the drop in demand of textiles, like other textile industry stocks worldwide. Since then, it has recovered, trading at Trident share price 2023 around Rs. 31.

Shareholdings of Trident Group:

Trident Group trades on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. The company’s top shareholders in September 2021 were Rajinder Gupta (promoter and Chairman) with 57.48% and public shareholders with 42.52%.

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Trident Group’s current financial standing and Fundamentals:

Revenue growth: Trident Group has grown its revenue for years. Revenue rose 12% to INR 5,384 crore in FY 2021.

Profitability: FY 2021 net profit was INR 231 crore. However, fluctuating raw material prices and other variables have affected the profit margin.

Debt reduction: Trident Group has been lowering debt for years. Long-term debt fell 17% in FY 2021.

Strong brand reputation: Trident Group is known for its high-quality and reliable textile products.

Vertical integration: The Corporation controls the supply chain from raw materials to completed products. Trident Group maintains quality and cost-effectiveness.

Focus on sustainability: Trident Group has various environmental activities and focus on developments of various sustainable products considering demands for eco-friendly products worldwide.

Trident share monthly analysis chart
Trident share monthly analysis chart

TRIDENT SHARE PRICE TARGET 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030:

Trident Share Price Target 20234852
Trident Share Price Target 20245459
Trident Share Price Target 20256268
Trident Share Price Target 20267897
Trident Share Price Target 2027116139
Trident Share Price Target 2028152165
Trident Share Price Target 2029190212
Trident Share Price Target 2030248296
Trident share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030

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Trident’s Growth Prospects:

Trident Group, a multinational conglomerate with a focus on quality and sustainability, is a major player in various Indian and international industries.

Trident Share Price Target 2023

Vertical integration: Trident Group is one of the few vertically integrated textile enterprises. They do everything from spinning yarn to weaving fabric to printing and finishing. They can control quality, pricing, and efficiency better than competitors that buy components from outside sources. So Trident share price target 2023 will be first Rs. 48 and second will be around Rs. 52.

Trident Share Price Target 2024

Sustainability: Trident Group uses renewable energy, conserves water, and reduces waste. Customers that value sustainability may find this appealing. So Trident share price target 2024 will be first Rs. 54 and second will be Rs. 59.

Trident Share Price Target 2025

Diversified product portfolio: Trident Group sells textiles, paper, chemicals, and energy. Diversification may allow them to cross-sell and bundle items and weather market volatility. So Trident future target 2025 will be first Rs. 62 and second will be around Rs. 68.

Trident Share Price Target 2026

Technology and innovation: Trident Group has implemented automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to modernize its production processes. These tools could boost efficiency, cut expenses, and keep the organization ahead in a competitive field. So Trident share price target 2026 will be first Rs. 78 and second will be around Rs. 97.

Trident Share Price Target 2027

Trident Group sells home textiles, yarn, paper, and chemicals. Diversification helps the organization weather economic downturns and capitalize on market growth. So Trident share price target 2027 will be first Rs. 116 and second will be around Rs. 139.

Trident Share Price Target 2028

Strong Distribution Network: The Company’s distribution network reaches customers across India and abroad. This network has a strong sales force and supply chain. So Trident share price target 2028 will be first Rs. 152 and second will be around Rs. 165.

Trident Share Price Target 2029

Technology: Trident Group has spent extensively in technology and innovation to improve its manufacturing processes and develop new products. R&D develops new materials, techniques, and technologies to boost growth and profitability. So Trident share price target 2029 will be first Rs. 190 and second will be around Rs. 212.

Trident Share Price Target 2030

Trident Group wants to build a paper plant and buy textile factories. These proposals will boost capacity and product variety. Trident Group is a trusted textile brand. In areas where brand loyalty and familiarity influence buying decisions, this could offer them an edge over newer or less well-known competitors. So Trident share price target 2030 will be first Rs. 248 and second will be around Rs. 296.

Risk and Challenges for Trident Group:

Market risk: Demand, supply, price volatility, and currency exchange rates might affect Trident Group’s revenue and profitability.

Operational risk: Business operations risks such supply chain interruptions, production delays, and manufacturing facility accidents.

Environmental, labor, and safety standards can affect Trident Group’s operations and profitability.

Financial market risk: Interest rate, credit, and liquidity risks.

Reputation risk: A product recall can hurt the company’s revenues and reputation.

Cybersecurity risk: As a huge organization, Trident Group is exposed to cyber assaults that could compromise data, steal IP, or disrupt operations.


As per the study and research above we can see the company is fundamentally strong and has the capability to grow the business across the country as well as globally. Company’s management is focused on the R&D and innovations to improve the product and so as the business. Also its steps towards the sustainability and energy conservations will have great reputation into the market.

So looking in totality Trident share have the credibility to go high on the longer run. So for long term investment Trident limited is the good share to buy and currently it is trading at around Rs. 31 which can be seen discounted price when we look at its all-time high price.

Still investment in market includes risks, we recommend to take advice from your financial advisors before any investments.

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Is Trident Good Share To Buy?

Yes, Trident stock is good to buy as it is a semi strong stock which indicates high growth in short period of time.

How much has Trident share gained in last one year?

Trident share is currently priced at ₹31.45 which is down 8.58% in last one year.

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